Pitch Competition - Seed Stage

11/21/18, 3:10 PM - 3:55 PM (CET)

Tech11 (Würzburg, DE)
tech11 is a provider of digital core insurance solutions for the insurance industry in EMEA. The digital platform of tech11 has been designed for fully automated E2E insurance P&C business.

Chefaa (Cairo, EGY)
Chefaa is a vision-driven company to facilitate patient’s journey to order/schedule & have medicine delivered in just 3 clicks. Locate medicine in a click by their real time search engine.

Insurninja (Cologne, DE)
insurninja is the world's 1st gamercentric Insurtech startup for the esports-economy, providing tailor-made services for gamers, esports-organisations and businesses.

Torafugu Tech (Leeds, GB)
Torafugu Tech is a technology start-up that uses the latest in Artificial Intelligence (‘AI’) and Machine Learning (‘ML’) to develop solutions and products that will enable individuals with pre-existing health conditions reduce their insurance costs by actively managing their disease while improving their wellness.

Luminovo AI (Munich, DE)
Luminovo is building a hybrid human-AI platform for B2B customers to enable easier training and deployment of deep learning solutions.

MedPayRx (Frankfurt, DE)
MedPayRx is a first of its kind Insurtech/Fintech/Cleantech startup. They are a blockchain-based platform that intends to not only "take the paper and pain" out of the pre-approvals and prescriptions process, but automate the entire process. In this sense they are a source-to-sale claims and prescriptions approvals processor, with automation built in at key points (including approvals).

Botconnect.ai (Berlin, DE)
botconnect’s real-time sales-advisor helps sales and service teams to perform successful sales conversations by utilizing artificial intelligence.
Lead generation and sales in short interactions with customers is a challenge due to complex products, massiv customer data and multiple systems.
The botconnect platform utilizes AI along with an open messenger and voice integration that gives service/sales reps everywhere the power to perform effective sales. botconnect drives revenue by creating successful sales conversations towards new und existing customers.

Patientenverfügungzentrum (Düsseldorf, DE)
We offer elaborate and 100 % legally enforceable patients decrees as well as the associated advance directives and further legal documents. Whilst the provision of these documents is internet-based, we also offer a personal consultation by telephone to assist our clients in case of any legal and medical questions. Our website addresses everyone in the German-speaking countries.