Pitch Competition - Early Stage

11/21/18, 3:55 PM - 4:40 PM (CET)

Amodo (San Francisco, US)
amodo platform enables insurance companies to develop a new category of products based on behavior data. The platform helps insurance companies improve their underwriting and build new products.

Kovrr (Tel Aviv, IL)
Kovrr enables insurers to understand, quantify and minimize cyber risk through global data harvesting and sophisticated AI-based risk modelling engines. The platform provides insurance professionals with cyber risk scenario frequencies and levels of severity that can affect businesses within an insurers portfolio or companies they wish to insure.

Injurymap (DK)
Injurymap - effective training against muscle and joint pain. We help our users tackle muscle and joint pain with evidence-based and individualized home exercise programs.

Nect (Hamburg, DE)
Located in Hamburg, Nect is developing the self-service future of identity verification. The AI-based software solutions offer a very high degree of user-friendliness and cost-efficiency. This makes it ideal for regulated companies, that must comply with strict laws having the need for high confidence in identity (KYC).

e-bot7 (Munich, DE)
e-bot7 brings artificial intelligence to customer service and helps companies achieve greater customer service efficiency. The system analyzes inbound messages and provides agents with accurate response suggestions.

Tensorflight (US)
Tensorflight provides detailed, accurate and near-instant data about commercial properties. Our engine based on machine learning, AI, computer vision analyzes multiple image types in order to build a database of all buildings in the world.

Shayp (Brussels, BE)
Shayp is a fully integrated service that helps building managers, homeowners and insurers eliminate leaks and related damages. Shayp instantly assesses water leaks in real-time and dispatches maintenance efficiently to drive down costs and damages.