Pitch Competition - Seed Stage

Pitch Competition
10/1/19, 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM (CEST)
Main Stage

Again, one of EXECinsurtech’s core elements will be the Pitch Competition onsite which is going to be presented by the InsurLab Germany. Devided in two categories, seed & early stage, we’re looking for the 15 top startups who are (partly) rethinking the insurance sector of tomorrow: Core Insurtechs as well as startups from neighboring industries like IoT, AI, Big Data, Mobility or E-Health that are making a mark in the insurance sector.

OroraTech (Orbital Oracle Technologies GmbH)

Healex GmbH

etvas GmbH: Insurers will play a more active role in the lives of customers and many will transform from risk carrier to customers life coach. We provide value as we enable insurance companies to deliver added value to their customers simpler, faster and highly personalized which differentiates them form low-cost providers. As a platform and market aggregator we bring all value add services provider under one digital roof and make all their service available to our business partners and their customer with one integration instead of many.