Dr. Magnus Kobel

Founder & CEO

Dr. Magnus Kobel has been dealing with the topic of health for more than 20 years. After holding positions in Venture Capital and in corporate development at Allianz private health insurance, he spent many years as a strategic management consultant – most recently at Deloitte Consulting – focusing on health insurances.

As a founder Dr. Magnus Kobel focused on preventive healthcare. In digitization he recognized an enormous potential for user-centered motivation towards a more health-conscious behaviour. A largely untapped potential in Germany and many other countries in the European Union. In 2016, he started YAS.life, a gamification-based approach for a healthier lifestyle. Based on the YAS App, the team is now developing innovative services and products for insurance companies and health insurer.

About the other questions, here you will find Magnus answers:
How are you preparing for your pitch? I am doing research on the event, the participants as well as the focus. Afterwards, we agree on a goal and our strategy for the pitch. What do we want to achieve and how can the audience either help us or how can we solve their problems?
Which investors would you like to meet? VCs with experience in digital health/insurance
What makes your team special? A mix of long-time insurance-industry experience, health knowledge and young people with passion and ambition to improve the digital health care environment and therefore life quality of our users. We are all working towards our mission: ""We change habits""!
Why will you win the pitch competition? We help the insurance industry to save money by reducing claims and even more important: we increase the healthy life years of our users! We're on our way towards data-driven preventive health care.


Oct 1, 2019