Why ICOs are risky for Startups in the MedTech, Insurtech, and Digital Health space

11/22/18, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (CET)

Join Marguerite Arnold and Martin Weller of MedPayRx, a German-based blockchain-based med, fin and insurtech now planning to go to pilot in 2019 starting in Cologne, for a dynamic roundtable interaction, discussion, workshop, gaming and more. The planned demonstration game will, among other things, highlight why banks (and insurance companies as well) have major compliance issues looming with any startup that raises funds with an ICO model. MedPayRx will use blockchain technology in its platform, but not in an ICO for its equity raises or payment model downstream.

MedPayRx is a cutting edge digital health and insurance platform that will be several things upon full rollout - a digital prescription and pre-claims processor, payment tool, and first-of-its kind anonymous drug database. We also plan to target the medical cannabis space in several countries (starting with Germany among others) as a strategic go-to-market entry, but the application can be used for all prescriptions (including all legal drugs and medical equipment). It is also the first "cannatech" start-up to go through an accredited German Business School (the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management), and was incubated at Werk1 in Munich in the summer of 2018.