EXECinsurtech is shaped by all people who attend and especially by those that actively share their perspectives and experiences – on stage, in Masterclasses and at our Discussion Tables. We’re always on the lookout for fascinating people and stories. With this call for content you can contribute by referring speakers or even yourself to speak at the event.

Please read about the format structure below and select the correct format when making a referral. Thank you!

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A host leads a discussion with 8-10 participants on a specific topic for 60 minutes. Typically the topic will be introduced in a short verbal presentation by the host following a discussion among all participants. This format is highly conversational and perfect for learning from each other and networking with other participants and thought leaders.


An expert in a field gives an in-depth presentation about a specific topic with 20-30 participants. Masterclasses give participants the chance to have a focused learning experience and interact with experts and a small group. The sessions can range from presentation-style to interactive.

Apply to speak!
Apply to speak!


During a panel, a diverse group of speakers joins a discussion on stage. A fireside chat is an on-stage interview with a maximum of two participants.

We only have very few panels and fireside chats at EXECinsurtech with selected speakers.


Companies can use EXECinsurtech as the perfect forum to make an announcement – i.e. about a new product, a new cooperation, acquisition or investment. If you’re interested in making an announcement at EXECinsurtech, please make sure it hasn’t been spread in the news before and is disclosed first at the event.

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Apply to speak!


Keynotes are reserved for top speakers that can contribute with something novel, exciting or intriguing. In no longer than 20 minutes, the speaker gives a captivating presentation to spark discussions among the participants.


Apart from the pitch competition, startups who are a little further down the road can demo their products and solution on stage. Booking this option will be possible soon. 

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