Let us be the conference you love.

You’ve been there: leaving a conference early or at least being relieved when it’s finally over.
At that point you as well as the producer’s both could have saved yourself the trouble of visiting or hosting that conference in the first place. It is usually the same old story when it comes to an event not delivering what it had promised. The content is generic and not suited for your needs. The speakers are there because their names sell tickets rather than because they will bring you any long lasting value. And the organisers often lose themselves in maximizing revenue at the expense of forgetting the purpose of the event.

I want to show you how we at EXEC deal with those issues to make your visit worthwhile. We put a lot of thought into how to please you as our guest because to ask for your time is the most valuable asset we could ask for. 

Let’s start with the venue.

Having the right conference venue is just about as important as having the right content (which I will tell you about later). 

EXEC is about unforced and genuine experiences. #FIRSTNAMEONLY
We do everything to make our events not an obligatory business appointment but rather something you look forward to. That is why we choose our venues to be something different. Something you won’t experience everyday. And a special experience requires the right setting. All of this plays a key role in getting you out of your daily routine. In a positive way of course. Only by that you will be ready to take in all the new things and be open to get to know a bunch of new people. 


Next off is the reason we host events: our participants.

All of our participants are hand-picked. We look at every application individually to ensure that all participants really do belong at EXEC. We believe that we have the right amount of participants to still have an overview over who is around to minimize the risk of wasting your time with small talks that won’t benefit you. Every conversation you have should be beneficial and honest. #NOBULLSHIT

One thing we’re especially proud of is the fact that our speakers and experts are people like you and me. As mentioned earlier, they’re are chosen by expertise rather than a big name. This makes them approachable as they want to benefit from your participation as well. They will stay around after their session to answer open questions and get in touch with you. There is no backstage area. At EXEC everyone is a VIP.

And finally, our content. 

At EXEC we value the quality of our content over the quantity. We try to have just enough sessions to fulfil your needs for new insights without overwhelming you. But the best thing about the content is its true usefulness for you. Our content is not about shortcuts to business success but all about connecting the right people. We know that you are smart enough to know that success is more about the right relationships and putting in the hours rather than listening to motivational speeches. That is why our experts offer very specific content on things and topics that really matter in your everyday work environment. We choose our experts by knowledge, not by name. Some topics in 2019 will be: 

“Practical Application of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service” by Fabian Beringer, Co-Founder e-bot7, “Can immutable logs create a new foundation for digital insurance?” by Stephan Noller, CEO of Ubirch or “How can insurtech startups and reinsurers work together to shape the insurance industry?” by Konstantin Von Jagow, Director Digital Partners at Munich Re Digital Partners. Have a look on our full agenda here.

We don’t offer content you could have gotten online. We know your time is too valuable for it and so is ours.

I’d like to give you a quick overview on our formats and why we host them.

At our masterclasses and discussion tables, you will gather in small groups. This is crucial as it enhances vivid discussions and leaves enough space to ask questions. These formats are tailored to give a deep dive into very specific topics for participants to gain new or further knowledge on the topics. 

Our keynotes, panels and fireside chats on stage deliver interesting insights and opinions you can later on discuss. We try hard to create on stage content that viewers can relate to. 

And when you’re not attending a session, you will have plenty of other opportunities to get to know all kinds of people that are very likely to bring value to your life. Our business speed dating and the networking app talque will make sure of it. And even if you won’t host your own session, you should go ahead and share your knowledge with others. We encourage everybody to play an active role in making EXECinsurtech an event everybody benefits from. We believe that everybody is an expert in something. It’s about giving and asking.

The formats we host these days are a mix and match of feedback and learnings we had in the past five years. We do not have all the answers and that is why we ask you what you actually want.
If you have something you want to tell us before attending this year’s EXECinsurtech, tell us here on this form.
We’re looking for improvements and new ideas!

Often, it seems like the organisers lose focus of what’s essential at a conference. For us, connecting the right people in the right setting has always been at our core. Everything we do is around that idea. This helps us not to lose focus of what’s important to you. We want to build an honest and genuine relationship with you so we can be the conference you love.

We’re looking forward to having you at EXECinsurtech!
For any questions contact me on adriano@exec.events