Pitch Startup: 4 Questions to Etvas

How are you preparing for your pitch? 

It is important to have a strong vision that is bigger than a powerpoint presentation. However, it is important to take the audience with us on our journey. So what we aim for is to tell our story with a few simple sentences which is tough when there is so much to say and share 🙂 

Which investors would you like to meet?

We are keen to meet and speak investors who sees value in what we do or who want to learn about what we do as a business. We like to engage with investors who can imagine to invest now or in one of our next development stages. We strongly believe that every investors talk and feedback helps us better shape our growth initiatives.

What makes your team special? 

Us as Co-Founders CTO & CEO meeting each other was a statistical improbability and the best thing ever! Now we are a founding team with strengths complementing each other and a fantastic sense of humor and that’s important as life in a startup is sometimes about laughing in the face of disaster 🙂 Together we have in a short time achieved much :Getting huge support from City of Hamburg & first investment from HH Innofounders, winning first Insurance business partner, partnering with many VAS providers and more.

Why will you win the pitch competition?

It is all about proving value! Insurers will play a more active role in the lives of customers & will transform from risk carrier to customers life coach.We truly feel we can enable insurance companies to deliver added value to their customers simpler,faster and highly personalized.

Further we hope to get support from the audience building another European contender to big US platforms, because by building our unique marketplace we create jobs and highly talented people who will make sure,that end customers get added value from the relationship with their insurer.