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Motion-S is a data science expert and tool developer focusing on providing clear insights in mobility data. The company uses smart data science techniques to uncover hidden relationships and visualize context in data from several sources to predict future events. Ultimately the Motion-S technology creates clear and unambiguous reports supporting management to plan and execute: Risk assessments, dynamic insurance offers, prediction of wear and maintenance, and fuel and carbon deduction measures.




Guido von Scheffer & German Castignani

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At ExecInsurtech we are looking for

EXECinsurtech offers a perfect platform to provide an expert audience with insights into our latest developments. The Motion-S product offering consists of a cloud-based processing platform, smartphone app’s, SDK for integration with existing customer’s app and an API to connect dynamic and static data sources to the platform.

Our Plans for 2020

We are predictors: we provide behavior assessments that are used by insurers, fleet managers, car sharing and leasing companies as well as OEMs worldwide to estimate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We give our customers a head-start in telematics – being safer, more efficient and profitable. With us, insurances can offer ONE INSURANCE for any kind of mobility using full dynamic pricing based on the exposure to risk. We are ready to help insurances to build this insurance products.

What makes YOUR COMPANY special?

Motion-S is:
– Solution and costumer oriented
– Device agnostic
– Able to integrate our data collection SDK into any app
– Offering Data Science as a Service for hooking up
– Reading insights from any data source to build predictions