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Tractable develops artificial intelligence for accident and disaster recovery. Its AI solution has processed over $1 billion in auto insurance claims, positively impacting hundreds of thousands of lives across Europe, North America and Asia. Tractable is backed by $30M in venture capital and has offices in London, New York and Tokyo.





Alex Dalyac, Adrien Cohen, Razvan Ranca

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We want to show the world that the world’s leading insurance companies are already using our AI solution to completely change how they evaluate auto damage – today.

Our Plans for 2020

We are expanding to the global auto repair ecosystem – Europe, the Americas, and Asia – bringing our AI to insurers, repairers and the rest of the supply chain. We’re seeing demand across the rest of the vehicle life cycle: maintenance, lease returns, used car sales. We also see demand for visual appraisal of property damage, the mission aspect of which we’re excited by.


What makes YOUR COMPANY special?

Tractable enables our customers – some of the largest insurance companies in the world – to capture photos at the point of accident, and to receive an estimate of the damage very quickly. Our technology speeds up claim settlement, improves accuracy, reduces turnaround time, and delivers a revamped customer claims experience for the industry.

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Our belief is that when accidents and disasters hit, the response could be 10 times faster, thanks to AI. We are already delivering this as a solution to the automotive insurance industry, enabling it to process many more claims, more quickly.

In terms of what differentiates us, we have:

1) An exceptional and unique team: our core algorithms and products are built by combining the expertise of in-house motor engineers from top-tier insurance and collision shops with that of AI researchers from Oxford and Cambridge universities.
2) A strong product drive: We develop our algorithms to deliver significant value from day one, and they can be implemented and integrated in less than 60 days. In the past two years, we have seen our products deliver up to 1% improvement in combined ratio.
3) A global view: Our products are year make and model (YMM) agnostic and have been successfully deployed across three continents at 10 of the top 40 global insurers.
4) Venture capital: Funded by top-tier investors, we have the ability to focus on research and development so we can bring to market only the most exceptional AI products.

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