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2. Tickets

    Founders & key staff of startups. Startup must be <5 years old and less than 100 employees.

    Executives from companies in the insurance sector. If you have over 50 employees or your growth rate is below 10% then probably you are a corporate.

    Senior staff from VCs, Corporate VCs, PE firms, Business Angels with proven track record, Accelerators & Incubators, Family Offices.

    Someone whose main goal in his company is to invest in business opportunities. E.g. someone from Google Ventures would be an investor while someone from Google would be a corporate.

    Executives from law-firms, consultancies and other service providers which offer highly targeted services that might not have too much to do with Insurtech.

  • With every ticket type you have access to all areas of the EXECinsurtech at both conference days. You can get inspired at the mainstage, explore 30+ startups showcasing their products in the Expo Area, dive deeper into the topic in masterclasses and workshops, take part in roundtable discussions or connect in 1-on-1 sessions with the most interesting players of the insurtech scene.

  • Register here and choose the type of ticket that applies to you. At EXECinsurtech, we carefully select the participants to ensure the high quality. You will only get charged after we accept your registration.

  • EXECinsurtech offers convenient credit card payment for all tickets. If you register you have to share your credit card details. We will only charge your credit card when you get selected to attend. Declined applications don’t result in a credit card payment. After we accepted your application you will receive your ticket and the invoice, marked as paid, via email.

    If any problems occur, or credit card payment is not available in your country or company, you always have the chance to reach out to us after applying and we’ll find a way for you.

  • Unfortunately the tickets are not refundable.

  • No. Since the buyer will “consume” our service in Germany we have to add the tax to the invoice; according to the tax legislation in Germany.

3. Startups

  • You have three different options to attend as a startup.

    Take part in the EXECinsurtech and listen to gripping speeches, take part in masterclasses and workshops or talk to top corporates, investors and other startup founders.

    Pitch Award
    We are looking for the 15 top startups shaping the insurance industry of tomorrow. Core Insurtechs as well as startups from industries like IoT, AI, Big Data, Mobility or E-Health. There are two categories: Seed & Early Stage+. Please apply here. 

    Startup Expo
    30+ of the top startups will showcase their innovations at EXECinsurtech. You can be one of them! Register here with our special “Booth Bundles”.

  • You will have the chance to apply for 1on1 meetings and to take part of discussion tables or just talk to them when you meet them at one of our formats.

  • The application is open until October 15th but startups will be admitted on a rolling basis – the earlier you apply, the better!