Pitch Competition - Early Stage

Pitch Competition
10/1/19, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM (CEST)
Main Stage

Again, one of EXECinsurtech’s core elements will be the Pitch Competition onsite which is going to be presented by the InsurLab Germany. Devided in two categories, seed & early stage, we’re looking for the 15 top startups who are (partly) rethinking the insurance sector of tomorrow: Core Insurtechs as well as startups from neighboring industries like IoT, AI, Big Data, Mobility or E-Health that are making a mark in the insurance sector. Artificial YAS.life: Problem: lack of activity solution: white-label version of the YAS-app mission: we change habits reference customers data-driven preventive health care to a) reduce costs and b) increase the healthy life years of our users WeGroup: Insure the Future Cardiolyse: Cardiolyse is a cloud ECG & HRV predictive analytics platform, that enables real-time remote heart health monitoring, cardiac abnormalities detection and up to two months' data-based prognosis on dangerous heart events. We are applying CE-certified machine-learning algorithms to scads of healthcare data, helping healthcare managers eliminate unnecessary health services with timely treatment intervention, driving the reduction of the insurance cost burden, benefiting the developing market of cardiovascular disease prevention solutions and enabling patients to take control of their lifestyle to live longer. Having the comprehensive heart health analytics at core we also provide a cloud solution for Fatigue and Micro-Sleeping Risk Management for liability insurance - a tool to track increasing fatigue risk levels and alert both the employees and their managers, as a fundamental for a comprehensive accident prevention system establishment in critical safety job industries (like logistics, healthcare services etc.) FinTecSystems GmbH: We enable policyholders to provide their contract information in real-time via account information. With 3 easy steps, the end-customers will receive perfectly shaped consulting services and insurers will benefit from the gained customer insights. Win-Win situation for both sides - sounds interesting, right?