Stefan Wiesner

Healex GmbH

Stefan Wiesner is a widely accomplished entrepreneur and experienced manager with over 20 years of worldwide management experience. He has founded and invested in several internationally successful companies and advised numerous clients in many different industries from small startups to state-of-the-art hospitals and Fortune 500 companies. With his profound knowledge on business development, IT management and sustainable energy solutions Stefan is a widely sought advisor, consultant and interim manager. . Stefan has a strong passion for finding simple solutions to complex problems and steering a company through the most challenging market situations.

• 20 years of Management experience; more than 12 years in top management positions in strategic management, service and consulting industry, personnel (up to approx. 1400) and budget (approx. US$ 300 Mio.) responsibility, strategic planning, project management
• Responsible for overall business operation in 6 countries (Germany, USA, Mexico, China, Japan, Singapore)
• Excellent leadership and interpersonal as well as cross-cultural skills
• Profound knowledge of business development, controlling, due diligence, acquisition and mergers of companies
• Project management leadership experience for projects with more than US $50 Mio. project volume
Fluent in German, English, Spanish

Specialties: Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Outsourcing, Green Energy, Solar Energy, IT Management, Green Datacenters, ITIL Services, ITIL, Software Factory, Mobile Networks, HR Development


Oct 1, 2019